My experience with Marcus and his crew has been outstanding.  The work is the highest quality I have experienced in  over 30 years of being a homeowner. The crew is a trained and talented group of individuals who value their workmanship with attention to detail that is reflected in the completed project. Marcus as the owner, has an experienced, thorough  and affordable approach to meet your needs.  His  varied skill-set in all areas of construction  provides the customer with the ultimate result.  His word is his bond and he stands behind his work. Marcus’s talent, style and values are exhibited by his entire crew;  they are always on time, work diligently, are respectful and courteous of your property and you as the customer.  They always clean-up at the end of each workday and your property is at is best during the construction period. I have recommended MWK to my friends and they too experience  a level of quality , commitment and consistency that is above our highest expectations. If you aren’t sure whether to hire MWK, feel free to contact me and see for yourself the quality workmanship that has transformed my home.”
– Rose Verona Downers Grove, IL

Marcus, I am going to miss you and your guys.  The house is completed and everything is beautiful.  I receive multiple compliments from my neighbors and others who see the results, even those who did not see the house before the remodeling.  I believe the difference between you and other contractors is your personal involvement.  You would not accept any work that wasn’t correct.  In addition, I thought you handled the city inspections well.  You were always prepared for their questions.  Feel free to use me as a reference when you are quoting new jobs.  Thanks for everything.

“I have personally been working with Marcus Kyes for a year now. I have examined homes with Marcus and written plans for proper cleanups and construction detail to make these homes healthy and safe for occupancy. I am a certified specialist in this area of expert work. Over the years I have worked with dozens of contractors and remediators. In my opinion, Mr.Keyes, along with his knowledge, experience, and work ethic, stands far and above any contractors I have previously worked with.Mr. Kyes has a thirst for knowledge and perfection in everything he does that I’ve experienced. There is no detail too small for him to make right. His thirst for knowledge has driven him to classes and certification most contractors do not fulfill. It is also my opinion that Mr. Kyes loves his work and has a passion for it. If I personally have any needs for this type of work, Mr. Kyes would be my only choice.”
-Larry Schwartz, President Safestart Environmental – Safestart Building Consulting, Inc.

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